Abby's Page

When we got Abby she was 12 weeks old and weighed 17 pounds.

Abby just laying around waiting to be served!!!!


Just a few candid shots of Abby

Abby051011-5.gif   Abby051011-6.gif        

At 4 months old she weighed 28.5 pounds

Abby helping Jack install the undersink RO system in the 5th wheel


Now at six months she is 44.6 pounds and she loves to ride in the truck.


Peeping Abby

Abby peeping into the bedroom window

Abby just loves water, even if it comes from a hose in the side yard.







Abby looking into our bedroom window

Abby soaking up the sun     Abby rolling in the grass

The next few photos are of our Airborne Abby as she catches the ball that Jack throws up into the air.



Lately this has been her preferred sleeping position, a little promiscuous don't you think!

Abby on her back sleeping Abby on her back sleeping

Abby on her back sleeping Abby on her back sleeping

and now back to the ball!

Abby with her ball Abby with her ball

Now on to the new yard!



Now that's what I call a back yard.

And now some more Abby and hose pictures