This page is our work on the Bedroom and offices

The bedroom and the offices were a challange.  The bedroom was not as big as we had in Vermont so that we had to do some tight arranging to make
our new king sized bed and dressers fit.  We think we dd OK.


Diane's office was another challange.  There were two windows which meant there was not very much wall space.  To remedy this we removed
the window facing the back deck and sealed it up.  The plan is to put a tile mural in the outside opening, the inside wall was sheetrocked and
made smooth to make more wall space.  Diane redid an old bookcase we got at the auction to go where the window came out.  It was sanded,
lifted off the floor and trimmed before being painted white.  This now holds her collection of Nora Roberts books.

Diane's Office window take out   Office window fill  

Jack's office is a different story. It will take some major work  and will not be finished too soon.  For one thing the bathroom remodel will have to be done  before
the walls are finished.  The new windows are in though and the roof is still a work in progress.  The brick wall is down and the bathroom partition is up.  The plumbing is temporary
at this time as the floor in the bathroom will be raised to accomadate a new 4 foot shower.  There will also be a closet next to the steps.  The washer and dryer are done and most of the electrical is also done.  There are two new circuits there and they do have grounds which the old ones lacked.  The back wall is still a work in progress but the door is in and set
and the insulation is in place.