Jack's Pen Inventory

below are photographs of the actual pens that Jack has turned and finished on the lathe

Keep checking back because the inventory is always changing.  Pens are sold and new ones are made all the time.  If you are interested in a pen just
email Jack with the pen number.  Most pens, pencils and hard stylus start at $15 amd up depending on the blank material and mechanism type and that includes First Class postage. Discounts will be given on multiple pens, pencils and stylus ordered at the same time.  I will have wooden pen boxes available in the near future at a reasonable price.  The prefered payment method is PayPal with checks and money orders accepted.

Below is my complete inventory of pens and turned tubes which may be made into pens with any finish that is desired.  Simply let me know what blank you want and what you want it made into, ie: pen, pencil or stylus.

Check Inventory on Hand

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