This page is devoted to things that we have done to the outside of the house.

This first block of pictures shows the results of our tree removal.  Diane and Jack did all this ourselves and didn't fall any trees into anything!  This really
cleaned up the yard as well as opening it up.  Palm trees have to be the messiest trees there are and the ones with the most insects.  The first picture
shows the large palm that was behind the back porch laving on the ground before being cut up and piled up.  The next is of the rements of the front yard
palm laying on the ground.  Next is the results of the side yard palms' removal and how that opened up the driveway.  Last is the pile of cutup trunks.
We still have some live oaks and magnolia trees to take down but they are not critical.



The next project was to replace the windows in the front of the house.

On December 22nd we had new front windows installed.  We think they made a big difference, what do you think?

before windows  Before windows 

windows  Widows

A few outside views on January 21, 2012      A few outside views on January 21, 2012

A few outside views on January 21, 2012      A few outside views on January 21, 2012

Our rear deck was in sad shape when we started and did not have a railing on it.  We put a railing on and cleaned it up a
little but we will still have to replank it when we get the money and the time.  At least now we can use it and let Abby
out on it either with or without us being there.  The rail does sag in the middle because it was not totally reinforced but
when we replank the deck we will fix this problem.

Rear deck gate   Deck Railing Complete

In May of 2012 we replaced the three old windows on the back of the house with regular up and down windows.  Now we only have the one
kitchen window to replace but that will be a while because it has to be resized because of the cabinets.  The house is getting to be more and
more to our style and liking.



We put up a small fence around the air conditioner unit to keep Abby from getting at it.  She has a fettish for anything that is
covered or comes out of or goes into the ground.  She also loves to chew on pipe insulation.


The next set of pictures is of the revamp of the back porch off of Jack's office.  We are closing it in with texture 111 and will be putting in windows and a door.  The project has been going on for over a year now but will get finished by the summer.



On March 13, 2013 we began taking down the small deck off of the living room.  It was quite a find to see that it was not anchored to the house at all.  There is a nine foot sliding glass door which was floating on the frame on cement blocks stacked together.  Jack anchored the board supporting the door to the cement building just to be sure.  We will be taking down the old joists and anchoring them to the house.  We will also be putting blocks between the joists to keep everything sturdy.  In the pictures below you can see the crawlspace access hole to get under the house.  This is where you have to go to get under the floors.  Another project will be to put insulation under all the floors.  That is a project for another day.







Now that the old deck is down the following pictures are the progress in putting it back up.  This time it will be anchored to the house on three walls.  After taking the old deck down we found a live electrical box under it.  It has 220 volts coming into it.and nothing going out.  Jack is going to disconnect it at the service panel because we have no use for it.  The new deck will also have cross ties for strength.





The pictures below are the last ones for this project.  It was completed in three days and the results were really pretty nice.  Now we have a deck that is attached to the house, supported with blocks between the joists and level.  The railing is level as well.  The old deck sagged in the middle and that made the railing sag as well.  In the future we will be replacing the blocks and bricks under the railing with texture 111 but that is for another day.




And we will end up with a couple of picture of Racey, our resident Black Racer snake.  He keeps the mouse population down and we tolerate him for that.