This type pen is made from a wood blank which has been handcrafted on my lathe into a custom designed item. The production process includes turning the blank to the proper shape. Then the turned pen is prefinish sanded with a minimum of six different grits from 100 thru 600 in preparation for the hard finish application. After the prefinish sanding is complete a light coat of  Boiled Linseed Oil is applied and then at least eight coats of a hard finish is applied with sanding done between coats. After the hardfinish application comes the micro sanding which is with grits from 1500 to 12000 to arrive at the final high gloss finish. The final step is putting on a high gloss, heat activated polish to finish the wooden pen parts for assembly.

The colored metal parts are then assemblied together into a fine writing instrument which will be cherished for years. All the metal parts are coated with a protective finish for durability. The pen uses a ink refill which may be purchased at any stationary type store. The refill is included in this pen.

Below is  the inventory of the pens and blanks that I have on hand with prices.  The  blanks may be made into pens, pencils or  a stylus  for  $20 for single wood, $25 for laminated woods or unusual woods.  Please specify the finish of the metal that you desire.  The choices are 24K Gold plated, Brushed Gold, Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Gun Metal and Copper.

All the items are from American woods which is all that I use for my pens, pencils or stylus.  I do have access to other exotic woods which I can order for a specific pen on a
custom order basis.  Just email me with the request and I will get back to you with details and a price.

Pen Inventory
May 13, 2012

Inventory # Type Metal Finish Wood Price
ZD01-01 Slimline Twist 24K Gold Yellow Pine $20.00
ZD03-01 Slimline Twist Brushed Chrome Western Red Cedar/Driftwood Maple laminate $25.00
ZD03-02 Slimline Twist Copper Western Red Cedar $20.00
ZD03-03 Slimline Twist Chrome Driftwood Maple $20.00
ZD05-01 Slimline Twist Brushed Gold Camelia wood $25.00
ZD05-02 Slimline Twist Brushed Chrome Cherry wood $20.00
ZD05-03 Slimline Twist Copper Cherry wood $20.00
ZD06-01 Slimline Twist 24K Gold Oak wood $20.00
ZD07-01 Slimline Twist Gun Metal Eastern Red Cedar $20.00
ZD07-02 Slimline Twist Gun Metal Eastern Red Cedar $20.00
ZD07-03 Slimline Twist Chrome Eastern Red Cedar $20.00
ZD07-04 Slimline Twist Chrome Eastern Red Cedar $20.00
ZD10-01 Slimline Twist (Fat) Chrome Apple wood $20.00
ZD10-02 Slimline Twist 24K Gold Black Walnut $20.00
ZD10-03 Slimline Twist Gun Metal Black Walnut $20.00
ZD10-04 Slimline Twist (Fat) Brushed Chrome Black Walnut $20.00
ZD12-01 Slimline Twist Brushed Gold Tulip wood $20.00
ZD15-01 Slimline Twist Brushed Gold Sasafras wood $20.00
ZD15-02 Slimline Twist Gun Metal Sasafras wood $20.00
ZD19-01 Blank
Black Walnut
ZD19-02 Blank
Driftwood Maple
ZD20-01 Blank
Tulip wood
ZD20-02 Blank
Driftwood Maple/Eastern Red Cedar Laminate
ZD21-01 Blank
Driftwood Maple
ZD24-01 Blank
Black Walnut/Eastern Red Cedar laminate
ZD24-02 Blank
Black Walnut/Eastern Red Cedar laminate
ZD27-01 Blank
Spalted Ash
ZD29-01 Blank
Oak wood w/3-0-0-3 Rings
ZD30-01 Blank
Tulip/E.Red Cedar/DW Maple/Apple/Sasafras
ZD30-02 Blank
Eastern Yellow Pine w/3-0-0-3 rings
ZD30-03 Blank
Sasafras wood
ZE06-01 Blank
Sasafras wood
ZE09-01 Blank
Driftwood Maple
ZE10-01 Blank
Black Walnut w/3-1-1-3 rings
ZE10-02 Blank
Apple wood
ZE13-01 Blank
Eastern Yellow Pine w/3-1-1-3 rings

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